Sherlock Holmes (and the many incarnations) is all the rage at the moment.

And this one is nothing like the others.

Imagine crossing Sherlock Holmes with James Bond and that’s what you get in this 1976 version of the famous English detective.

You only have to see the action scenes and all the gadgets to see the filmmaker has capitalised on this, oh and the small matter that Sir Roger Moore plays the title role. If that’s not enough there’s also kidnapping, robbery, disguises, a horse and carriage chase (that would rival today’s car chases) and more than a splash of camp as only Moore can deliver.

Other cast members include, Patrick Macnee from the Avengers as Dr Watson, Hollywood great, John Huston as the evil Moriarty and Charlotte Rampling as a former flame. Also keep an eye out for Jackie Coogan aka Uncle Fester from the Addams Family.

This telemovie is the brainchild of Screenwriter, Alvin Sapinsley and centres around the “crime of the century” and Holmes’ powerlessness to solve it.

Posing the question, has the great detective finally met his match?

This never before released DVD also contains an image gallery and an interesting audio commentary from Sir Roger Moore who provides behind the scenes titbits and insight into his approach to the iconic role.

Sherlock Holmes in New York certainly deviates from Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation. There’s a change of scenery as the title suggests and enough clichés and one-liners to satisfy it’s something akin to the original Casino Royale starring David Niven.

It’s a parody and a good one at that.