This is the story of man’s best friend and man’s most adopted friend.

National Geographic has grouped these fascinating 50-minute documentaries onto one DVD.

 Let’s start with The Science of Cats.

Just how did this beloved animal go from predator to pet and is Egypt really the place of origin?

Cat geneticist Leslie Lyons collects DNA samples from moggies around the globe and travels to the Middle East to answer these very questions. Argentinean scientists also track feral cats to study their shift towards domesticity.

Through all of this though they have retained their predatory nature and features such as stalking, retractable claws and astute hearing and eyesight.

It is estimated there are 600 million cats across six continents making the moggie the most popular pet in the world.

Moving onto The Science of Dogs.

Where did it all start and how did we end up with over 400 breeds and counting?

It’s no surprise that the dog started out as a wolf.  5000 years ago it first showed signs of becoming a pet. Fast forward to the 19th century where selective dog breeding was the fashion of the day. The dog is now more varied in size and behaviour than any other species on the planet.

Essentially the dog is made by man to serve man.

Whether you’re a dog or cat person this disc provides a fresh insight into the world of the canine and the moggie and their relationship with us.