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American: The Bill Hicks Story

Bill Hicks is the comedian’s comedian.

Many modern day comics including Russell Brand have cited him as their greatest influence. This 2-disc set showcases exactly why 18 years after his death he is still considered one of the most popular stand-up comedians of all time.

His brother Steve Hicks commented (upon this release), “The word continues to spread and to think back that he started off as a little regional comic out of Houston, Texas, and it has grown to this. It is quite impressive and very daunting.”

The main feature is a 100-minute documentary showcasing his acerbic stand up career from his humble beginnings in Huston, Texas to the large stages in America. Friends and family recall their memories of his unrelenting satiric observations of modern society.


For Bill Hicks fans this documentary is a dream come true and for a newbie such as myself it was a great intro to his razor sharp wit with over three hours of extras including; 30 minutes of previously UNSEEN footage and rare clips from Bill’s career. And keep an eye out for an unusually humble (talk show host) David Letterman.


Steve Hicks added, “Our whole mission statement is just to preserve his legacy, honour it, treat it with respect and to share Bill with the people in the world who are interested in him.”

American, the Bill Hicks Story was nominated for the Grierson British Documentary Award in 2010, and it’s not hard to see why.