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Offspring – The Complete 1st Series (5 Disc Set)

Meet Nina Proudman, she’s a thirty something highly successful obstetrician but she’s also a nervous wreck who bounces from one catastrophe to the next in her private life.  
Hardly surprising when you consider her nearest and dearest are a bossy, temperamental sister, a brother who’s a compulsive liar, a mother who’s looking for love on the Internet and a bed hopping father.

Throw in an unattainable love interest, ex husband, friends, foes and co-workers and you have a great 13-part Australian series that mixes conventional narrative drama with flashbacks, graphic animation and fantasy sequences.
It ticks all the boxes for being well written, well cast, humorous and dramatic. TV’s darling Asher Keddie is brilliant as the highly neurotic Nina and other standouts include Kat Stewart who plays her sister, Billie and father, John Waters.
This dramedy is the perfect tonic for a winters evening so why not fire up the DVD player and get to know the chaotic Proudmans,
Extras include the original feature-length telemovie and webisode series, The Nurses.