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Stephen K Amos – The Feel Good Factor Live

Fresh from his highly successful Find the Funny tour in 2009, Stephen K Amos does not disappoint with his new stand-up show, The Feel Good Factor.

And that’s exactly what it is as the talented comedian takes you on a journey through his childhood that includes telephone locks, human TV remote controls, and the long-term effects of the Bergerac theme song.
He also indulges in a little political incorrectness and pokes fun at Edinburgh and Australians, particularly mullet wearing ‘bo-gans’. Before moving closer to home where the South Londoner reveals the time a cigarette lighter got him into trouble on the Tube.
Keep an eye out for 18 year-old Ollie, and Rhiannon who belts out a worthy rendition of her shower song, “What a Feeling” complete with back-up band.
Not surprisingly the show ends with a standing ovation from the sell out crowd so reserve your seat in front of the TV for 90 minutes of hilarity that is sure to tickle your funny bone.
Bonus features include an excerpt from his Sydney show and one-on-one interview.