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Agatha Christie’s Garden, Murder and Mystery in Devon

Welcome to Greenway, home of Agatha Christie.

Set on the banks of the river dart in Devon, this one-hour investigation gives the viewer unprecedented access into her private life, summer retreat and how it influenced her novels.

Befittingly, Pam Ferris from Rosemary and Thyme (tv series) fame narrates this documentary ably supported by interviews from Agatha’s grandson Matthew, author P.D. James, biographers, gardeners and National Trust Property Manager. There is even an appearance or two from Miss Marple herself.

The investigation begins with Agatha’s childhood where she grew up a few miles away in her Torquay home, Ashfield. There she lived in her imagination and wandered the expansive gardens and terrifying woods. This fuelled her first novel, the Mysterious Affair at Styles in 1917.

In 1938 she found her dream house, Greenway. She was instantly captivated by the 30 acres of secluded paths, untamed woods, lavish gardens and opulent rooms set against the River Dart. Not surprisingly Greenway made an appearance in one of her novels, Dead Man’s Folly where everything from the house to the boat shed is in the book.

Agatha visited the Greenway estate during the festive season and editing process in September.  It served as a relaxing retreat from public life with her second husband Max Mallowan, daughter Rosalind and later her grandson Mathew.

In 2000 the National Trust was given the Greenway estate by Agatha’s daughter Rosalind and son-in-law Anthony Hicks. However it was not until after their deaths in 2005 that restoration on the property began.

The Greenway estate is now open to the public and if this documentary doesn’t whet your appetite to make a visit nothing will.

Agatha Christie’s Garden, Murder and Mystery in Devon is a magical public glimpse into the very private world of the queen of crime.