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Sick children, flames coming out of kitchen taps, dying animals, contaminated waterways; sounds like a nightmare of some third world country doesn’t it? But no, it’s in the USA.

To say that this award-winning documentary shocked me is an understatement. Environmentalists for two years to push through legislation that safeguards our waterways, the air we breathe, and our rights to live without poisons, and yet these big companies and their lobbyists use the threat of global energy crises to override this legislation and wreak havoc on the environment in the process.

The film starts  when Josh Fox, who has lived on the same piece of land for all his life receiving a letter from the gas company offering him $100,000 to give permission to allow gas exploration on his land. Being a canny fellow, he decided to check it out and the documentary is the result of this research and his journey through areas where these leases had been allowed.

What he discovers as you travel through areas where mining leases have been implemented is beyond understanding. I won’t even begin to try and explain it to you watch the film become aware and make sure it’s not happening somewhere near you.

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Director Josh Fox
Distributor Madman