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Martin Clunes: The Lemurs of Madagascar

The wide eyed Lemur is disappearing before our eyes. 

Join British actor Martin Clunes as he trawls the jungles of Madagascar with a group of tireless conservationists, in search of this endangered primate.

Best known for TV series Doc Martin and Men Behaving Badly, this self confessed animal lover takes us to the remaining jungles where Lemurs are living in their natural habitat.

We witness his wonderment at finding the largest species of Lemur, the most endangered and a special group who were bred in the USA and successfully released into the wild.

However, the fact remains that the forests where they once thrived are gone and the poverty stricken island view Lemurs as a much needed food source.

Given 17 species are already extinct the time has come to preserve the remaining 101 species of Lemur before it’s too late. 

So sit back and let Martin be your tour guide in this moving 46-minute documentary through some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet and home to the elusive and sadly endangered Lemur.

Durells Wildlife Conservationist Paul Masterton said, “I hope that this (documentary) will generate public awareness of our cause to save the lemurs, especially when coupled with someone as well known and liked as Martin Clunes.”

This release also includes an image gallery full of behind the scenes snaps.

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