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Ron and Val Taylor’s Inner Space

Who doesn’t want to watch a TV series narrated by Captain Kirk himself, Willam Shatner and this one showcases some of Australia’s most amazing marine life our East Coast can offer courtesy of husband and wife underwater filmmaking team Ron and Valerie Taylor.

You may recognise their names, their footage of the great white made the world stand up and take notice, namely the short live shark underwater sequences in the Hollywood blockbuster’s Jaws.

Here is your chance to go back to 1973 and watch the Taylors 13 self produced films of Australia’s shipwrecks, coral reefs and sea creatures, including the great white.

We see Ron and Val hunt for the highly venomous sea snakes, scope the Chesterfield Reef for a cone-shaped shell “worth more than its own weight in gold”, explore shipwrecks off the reefs of Australia’s Kangaroo Island and venture into the amazing world at night on the Great Barrier Reef .

If that’s not enough they also offer a leg of lamb to a school of fish, visit the lovable sea lion on Hopkins Island and swim amongst century’s old giant clams and man eating sharks climaxing in a perilous moment between Val and a blacktip reef shark.  The ex spear fishing champions also highlight the devastating effects their former pastime, shell dredging and meshing nets are having on our marine life.

The series received well deserved world wide praise at the time of its release.

This 3-disc set also includes the fabulous jazz soundtrack from the series composer Sven Libaek

Inner Space is a fantastic TV series that boldly goes where no man has gone before.

Director Robert Walker
Distributor Madman
Actors Ron and Valerie Taylor
Released 9/05/12