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The Kingdom, Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered how OUR Princess Mary fills her day?

Well here’s your chance to find out.

The Kingdom is a documentary-style peek into the Danish Royal Household. The series comprises of seven 30-minute episodes, each one allowing us an insight into their 2010 private and public moments.

Not surprisingly the ever popular Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary feature prominently in the series. We see Prince Frederick pick up his children from school, on a bike no less, and Frederick and Mary discuss putting their kids to bed with a lullaby.

We also go behind-the-scenes at the announcement of Prince Joachim’s new baby, Prince Henrik, the Royal Family’s first State Visit to Vietnam and Prince Fredericks preparation before facing a barrage of journalists over his controversial election into the International Olympic Committee.

There is a particularly touching moment in episode six when Henrik, Prince Consort, and Prince Frederick place a plaque in honour of Henrik’s grandfather in Vietnam.

But the real star of the series is the Queen. Never more so than in episode one when we see a relaxed queen greeting her guests at her 70th birthday with a drink and cigarette in one hand. She is refreshingly honest and modern whilst still retaining the Danish Royal Family’s rich culture and history.

The series is interspersed with interviews from the Royal Family and various staff members, who play an integral part in the monarch’s favourable image and professionalism.

Don’t let the subtitles put you off, it certainly doesn’t take anything away from this fascinating series, if anything it adds an authenticity to it.

The Kingdom, Behind the Scenes is a captivating insight into one of the oldest monarchs, and OUR Princess Mary.

Director Anders Agger
Distributor Madman
Released 1/06/11