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Cliff Richard – The Live Collection 1998-2005

Cliff Richard is a name that is more than synonymous with the Music Industry and spans decades, beginning when he burst onto the British Pop Scene at the tender age of eighteen with the song that was to chart on the UK Singles Chart at #2 Move It. The rest is history as they say, but what a history.

Still as popular in 2020 as he was in in the heady days of the 1960 when he moved onto the world stage through the, in retrospect somewhat cheesy movies, The Young Ones, Summer Holidays, Wonderful life and Finders Keepers, filled with songs that are known word for word by his fans, many of whom have followed him with undying passion and love for his more than sixty years at the top of his profession.

The Live Collection 1998-2005 is a collection of some of his vibrant, energetic and entertaining concerts held globally during these years, showing us the magic begun so long ago still remains with fresh appeal; not just for the older generation but also capturing the spirit and effervescence that still holds a broad age appeal.

Each of the six concerts begins with Cliff playing host, introducing the audience to the venue, the country surrounding, as well as some of the artists on the tour, beginning with the 40th Anniversary held at the Royal Albert Hall in 1998, a concert filled with many of his memorable pieces such as Devil Woman, Miss You Nights and more.

Castles In The Air is a live performance at Leeds Castle with Cilla Black as his guest; the segment before the concert where the two friends tour the Castle, the gardens and the grounds of Leeds Castle captures beautifully the enjoyment they have in each other company, which forms a lovely cameo.

On the Beach is absolutely packed full of the sense fun captured in the earlier years of beach, sun, and vibrant music pounding out. The crowd loved it, the performers rocked and the absolute energy and vibrancy of a summer on the beach in Portugal, or anywhere for that matter, was captured to perfection.

Roiling out the  early years is Live in The Park  performed in Hyde Park 1999, where Cliff sings many, many pieces as he travels back over five decades of the Pop history. Be Bop A Lula is a piece that saw his recording career begins with a cover of the song made famous by Little Richard. Rock around the Clock, a ‘50’s rock and roll favourite shows the range and talent of Cliff Richard as he moves through the many genres created over the years, along with many other favourites made for a great night out for one and all.

To be able to sit and ‘binge’ on pure Cliff Richard is a real treat. That there is a little of Cliff live, before and occasionally after the concerts, is an added bonus and makes this six disc set irresistible for Cliff fans, but as the complete series runs for  17 hours 38 minutes, make sure you cancel everything else before you begin to indulge.

Distributor Via Vision
Released November 2020