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Yusuf – Roadsinger – Live in Australia (DVD)

From the first chord struck to the very last round of applause Roadsinger is essentially Yusuf/ Cat Stevens and his wonderful folky music woven into one unforgettable concert.

Thumbprints of his life, both past and present, intersperse with the music  reaching out to the audience with the warmth accorded to intimate friends, all making this one quintessential moment in time presented buy one of the world’s most influential, inspirational and revered performers of the past 40 years.


His voice is deeper and richer, having lost the edginess which characterised his earlier music, which is to be expected over the 36 years of his performing, albeit, his non performing years, but has become, in my opinion, even more mesmeric.  As with all great artists he wraps you into his music, encouraging you to join him on the journey being played out before you.

The varied songs of the concert take you on a journey over the many, many, years of Yusuf/ Cat Stevens, from his earlier songs such as First Cut Is the Deepest and Days of the Old School yard progressing to including his more recent works such as his tribute to a young Muslim girl defying the Taliban to go to school in Shamsia.

Fabulous, warm and fantastic this is Yusuf/Cat Stevens at his mature best.

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