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Midsomer Murders Season 13 Part One

Join Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby and Detective Sergeant Ben Jones for more mystery, murder and mayhem in the first four episodes of Season 13.  This also marks John Nettles’ final season as the likeable Inspector and gives you the first opportunity to check out his successor, Cousin John Barnaby who will take over the inspecting duties in this top rating series from Season 14.

We first join Tom Barnaby in The Made-To-Measure Murders.  Two years ago a tailor suffered a heart attack and was left to die.  Now his wife and vicar have met with foul play.  Barnaby uncovers a confessional letter which proves far more shocking than he could’ve imagined and the race is on before another murder suspect becomes a victim.  
Suspicions are aroused in episode two, The Sword of Guillame after Barnaby questions the Causton’s mayors deal to buy coastal land for holiday chalets.  He decides to accompany their Chamber of Commerce’s trip to Brighton and before long a series of grisly murders take place.  Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby makes a guest appearance as they team up, immediately questioning the significance of family history going back centuries.
The Wild West rides into town in episode three, Blood on the Saddle where a mistress posing as a witch is murdered in the dunking stall during the Wild West fair.  There is no shortage of suspects before they soon begin to fall prey to a series of murders reminiscent of a John Wayne movie, climaxing in a shootout between Barnaby and the murderer.
The box set concludes with The Silent Land, and this time it’s personal.  Barnaby’s wife Joyce fears she may have hit someone whilst driving down a dimly lit March Magna road.  Later the body of a very unpopular resident is found in the nearby cemetery.  Everyone in the village has a secret and it’s up to Barnaby to uncover the truth and clear his wife’s name.  
Not surprisingly, the first four episodes of season 13 are cracking good yarns with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing.
And if you want to delve a little deeper, there are bonus features aptly titled, Further Investigation that include alternative footage, photographic evidence and textless title sequences.

ActorsJohn Nettles, Neil Dudgeon, Jason Hughes
ReleasedWednesday, 16 March 2011