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The Loved Ones

First there was Wolf Creek, now meet its sister flick, The Loved Ones.

It shares an abduction or two that doesn’t begin or end particularly well.

However I’m getting ahead of myself. The Loved Ones centers around Brent, a teenager engulfed by grief and guilt over the death of his father six months earlier. Enter Lola, the social outcast who asks Brent to the “prom” only to be rejected and so begins 80 minutes of bounding, drugging, stabbing, drilling oh and cannibalism.

Pretty as a picture this aint but it does show Australian film can definitely hold its own amongst the Hostel and Saw flicks. However there is a lighter side in the form of Brents bumbling best friend, Jamie who has his hands full with troubled teen, Mia as his date for the dance.

On a deeper level, this film focuses strongly on the relationship between a father and child whether it be through Brent’s, Lola’s or Mia’s eyes.

It is worth mentioning the standout cast. Xavier Samuel from the Twilight fame is brilliant as the tortured protagonist as is his deranged captor, Robin McLeavy who plays the “pretty in pink” villainess to perfection. Other memorable performances include Jessica McNamee as Mia, John Brumpton as Lola’s creepy “Daddy” and Victoria Thaine as Brent’s girlfriend, Holly.

The Loved Ones is the bizarre and unsettling plight of a lonely teenager with Kasey Chambers, Am I Not Pretty Enough serving as a suitable soundtrack to the film.

If you want more there is plenty of it with a mountain of special features including, Director Sean Byrne’s short films, Advantage and Ben and a Q and A session from the Toronto Festival where it also won the People’s Choice Award in the Midnight Madness category.

Consider yourself warned!!

DirectorSean Byrne
ActorsXavier Samuel, Robin McLeavy, Jessica McNamee, John Brumpton