Distributor:        Booktopia/Amazon                 
Release Date:    May 2023  
Running Time:   14mins 13sec
Website:    https://michellequreshi.com/albums 

 A Blueprint For Life 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       July 5, 2023


Mellow and enjoyable A Blueprint for Life is a small collection of songs from acclaimed guitarist Michelle Qureshi which charm and even though the time is short, such is the calibre of the music it feels as if time has simply stopped to create a moment of pure enjoyment.

Each of the five songs complement each other as do the titles which are, as always, left open to the interpretation of the listener, the journeyman. Commencing with the delightful Open Window, previously released as a single, the carefully contrived notes of the guitar entice you to peek in through the Open Window to see what is inside.

Hidden Lines is a slower, far softer song that appears to wander across the soundscape, seeking its own direction. The fingers on the strings find their own melodic and romantic direction. A beautiful, gentle and very subtle song.

More up tempo than the previous piece Spiral Staircase intrigues with its many layers, tempting and inviting to seek what is just around the next corner. Uplifting and captivating this is a joyful, happy song that teases the mind as does in reality the spiral staircase of life.

Relaxing and enjoyable Hearth captures those perfect moments when the world seems to come to rights; a warm fire, a comfy chair, a home and happiness to share creating a time of tranquillity to be savoured.

Strong, emphatic Elevations changes the mood to a sharper, more specific emotion that is softened slightly with the introduction of a definitive ambient overlay, which makes a very interesting finale to a wonderfully enjoyable moment in time. A Blueprint for Life: maybe, possibly!