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Release Date:    February 2021  
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Website:    https://louisanthonydelise.com/ https:www.BocageMusic.com 

 A Gift of Moments 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       February 19, 2021


Poignant and powerful A Gift of Moments from award winning Louis Anthony deLise transports the emotions to a place of great sensitivity, with a varied and much hued palate of gloriously rich pieces, all written during the time of the COVID lockdown of 2020.

Along with many others deLise was in lockdown, presented with the time to reflect, think and compose into sound the many emotions he was feeling, creating an album that comes straight from the heart of the composer, melded with the help of strings and guitar into a work that is both reflective and joyful.

The passing of a dear friends husband was described to deLise as life being a ‘gift of moments’ which transposed into the lead track and album name A Gift of Moment’s, a reflective, gentle and moving song touched with a little melancholy through the subtle underpinning ‘cello work from Natasha Jeffe.

In Before the Times (February2020) is an interesting, slowly measured piece, reflecting back to very different times, as if looking down the vast timeline to history, history formed merely weeks before. Sad and yet in the sadness, great beauty has been captured, stark and clear as the solo piano speaks the thoughts and feelings so many underwent during the time of great uncertainty, a time when change was necessary, frightening and yet unavoidable.

Then along comes a very happy little piece in My Gentle Heart which is light, delightfully capturing a refreshing joyful moment. Richly constructed Ripples on The Pond captures some of the magic Hollywood filmmakers of the 1950’s have somehow always managed to build into movie soundtracks. Teasing and cinematic, this is one piece to simply allow the mind and soul to embrace, as a journey to someplace full of fresh summer breezes gently ruffling the enticing, captivating and refreshing water. A particular favourite in a collection of ten favourites!

A Gift of Moments is an all embracing collection that requires the play button to be pushed over and over again, to allow a beautiful journey to continue along life’s many and strange pathways, which all come to a perfect conclusion with the gentle and yet vibrant, once again cinematic song, At The End Of The Tunnel, which almost one year on, appears to be almost here.