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 A Thousand Springs 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       May 19, 2015


Pure joy and happiness from the first to the last are captured to perfection in this second release by pianist Adam Andrews.

No matter how many times you listen, the entire album it is representative of the gurgling stream of life as it is born in creation from that single note or droplet, gathering momentum as it playfully skips and leaps along its chosen course.

For those who live in dry climates where the first droplets of rain refresh the parched landscape, the waters start to run and the joy of a watching the ‘water come down’ firstly in a trickle, laughing and dancing over the rocks, building into a full bodied torrent and then mellowing out into a joyful procession to the coast, will totally relate to this wonderful fresh, musical journey.

Others will simply relate to the water rushing and scurrying along, charging over the cliffs to form the majesty of a waterfall, dancing in the sunlight to bring nurturing, enrichment and joy to all who behold this wonderful, life refreshing event. It really does not matter why or how you listen to the music, it will simply fill you with happiness.

The music is vibrant, melodic, and happy, leaving you with a wonderful sense of freedom and happiness.  Your spirit is uplifted; your mood encouraged towards happiness, your soul refreshed, your toes can’t help tap to the beat, encouraging you to take on another moment in time. What more could you possibly want.

As Andrews did set out to compose music that is inspirational, that touches the psyche, that is uplifting, each one of the pieces manages to achieve what he aspired to create. In his own words “This album, A Thousand Springs, is simply intended to be a source of encouragement for all”.

Has he succeeded? Yes, he has, several times over!