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 Alpha Music and John B. Levine – creator of Alpha Music for healing the body and soul. 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 26, 2014


Composing and creating music was the second love of John Levine during his formative years. His first love was science – specifically electronics – so at the age of 6 he would compose pieces for his piano and then decide the best way of applying electronics to the other areas of his life.

John eventually chose to take the music pathway graduating from Sydney University as a composer. He then went on to spend several successful years in commercial music, producing for bands such as INXS and Midnight Oil, as well as writing jingles for Saatchi & Saatchi and Coca-Cola.

During this time he pursued his belief in the healing properties of music and while learning to meditate realised most of the “new age” style mediation music used was simply boring.

Learning to mediate involved much more than just learning how to mellow out for a while and listen to music. His teacher instructed him on the effects music has on the brain wave patterns and showed how, once the brainwaves slow, there are hundreds of positive effects on the mind and body. This encouraged John to investigate further.

During his commercial career he realised people are very complex and need a lot of things going on to keep them interested – e.g., the making of commercials and jingles needed to be catchy, diverse and interesting to keep the audience’s attention. He applied these principles to alpha music.

Eventually leaving the mainstream of commercial music he devoted himself to further study of healing benefits of music and creating alpha music.

He states the music is definitely not classed as  “new age” as it has many complexities involved which not only allow the brainwaves to slow but also keep the brain intrigued and interested – thereby allowing the alpha rhythms to work, introducing a more peaceful state to listener.

Each piece has been created in such a way that it allows the music to be listed too many times without it becoming boring to the brain, which is one of the many secrets behind the success of the music.

The music has been composed in such a manner making it impossible to do anything other than listen to the sounds. As an analogy classical music allows you to clap, conduct, tap your foot and often encourages other forms of rhythmic movement such as dancing, whereas with alpha music you can only listen.

Many trials have been carried out in prisons, schools, in aged care facilities and institutions using alpha music, all with resounding success.  There was a marked decrease in stress levels in a secure unit at an aged care facility. When played over a two week period the patients’ anxiety levels were noticeably less.

Classical music replaced alpha music after the trial period and by lunchtime staff noticed an increase in anxiety and stress levels with the patients and returned alpha music to the unit.  Alpha music has now been introduced as a regular afternoon event with families noticing less anxious behaviour in their relatives.

Used in schools it has a noticeable effect on the rowdy behaviour in the classroom and as one child stated “It is the elixir of good behaviour”. A trial in a prison also saw a decrease in stress levels and crime rates within the prison.

Used widely in psychotherapy and with psychiatric treatments the benefits are remarkable. When used as a drug free treatment for insomnia, depression, anxiety and stress patients become noticeably calmer and relaxed.

Alpha music has also been used and trialled in pain management research and as a post graduate thesis on calming disruptive behaviours in the classroom.

There is a range of CD’s available – one for every purpose- from www.silenceofmusic.com