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A World Away

Pure talent presented in perfection is the overarching impression of this 18th full length album A World Away, presented by 2002, an enduring combination of Mother, Father, Daughter and a vast array of instruments, with ethereal vocals combined with an undoubted talent at the mixing desk, to create the illusion of three voices combining, to bring to the instrumentation a vocal accompaniment reminiscent of the Irish songwriter and vocalist Enya.

Originally a duo, 2002 first appeared on the music scene in 1992 with their album Wings, bringing to the relatively new and unknown New Age music scene a lushness that saw massive critical acclaim awarded to Pamela and Randy Copus, aka 2002.

This talent expanded when their daughter, Sarah, an accomplished musician in her own right joined them, allowing another wonderful dimension to enter their music, keeping the music fresh and appealing to a new, as well as their loyal fan base.

A small booklet comes with the album containing the wonderful poetry written and then placed to music which is glorious, as the pieces also stand alone as heartfelt verse. This addition to what is already fabulous combination of pieces ranging from pop, through new age, contemporary and ambient themes with a dash of classical just for good measure, simply makes the work a collection which will become an evergreen.

There is no one song that is any more beautiful than the other, as each piece in this poetical work is completely individual; some containing ethereal vocals, others pure instrumentation, then there are the combinations which have, in several of the songs, become a multidimensional soundscape with the addition of Jim Higgins on ‘cello and James Song on violin.

The accompanying release notes say ‘Thematically, the album is a cosmic love story, of kindred spirits travelling together through many times and many worlds, becoming lost and separated from one another, and finally reunited’ which describes the intent behind the creation.

The reality is simply that A World Away is an album of pure perfection with a very wide appeal; one that can be described in many formats, but one that should simply be enjoyed piece by beautiful piece, in a journey of intimate understanding and enjoyment.

Perfect and one that will or should, make it all the way to the top of the Charts.

DistributorCD Baby
ReleasedSeptember 2018
Running Time46 minutes