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Around The Sun

Around The Sun is an absolute treasure of an album. Ambient and soothing, Kirsten Agresta Copley has, with her first a solo composition album for Harp, placed her graceful and gracious instrument firmly into a category of its own, that of ambient Harp music.

An ancient instrument, the Harp has been somewhat overlooked as a stand-alone instrument, its mellifluous voice used to blend and create background on both a classical and contemporary stage. In creating what Agresta Copley considers ‘the most significant of her career’, a carer which has spaned a wide variety of genres, from classical to hip hop performance on a global scale, she has created a work of outstanding grace and elegance

For the first time she has combined her prodigious talent with the Harp, with husband Marc’s abilities as a sound technician, engineer, producer and mixer to create a work of complete enchantment.

Based on the 365-day cycle of the year, she has captured the seasons as they change, the emotions felt as the year slowly moves along. Daybreak offers the first dawning of light in the night sky, a time of peace, a time to observe and reflect on the dawning of a new day, the pages yet unwritten. This piece is a delicate bending of ancient with modern, as the underlying backing of gentle electronica is simply captivating, teasing the ear, capturing the mind.

Each of the nine tracks is an absolute gem, with the particularly divine Water Lilies creating perfectly an immense sense of peace, of time slowly passing, a piece which encourages dreaming, or simply remaining in the moment of rare and peaceful beauty.

Winter’s Bone, once again has delicate overtones of electronica combined with the very detailed and measured use of the Harp, which ushers in the chill of winter, the drawing in of the days, a time to go within, to reflect, heal and renew; a fitting finale to a body of absolutely outstanding work.

Around The Sun created by Kirsten Agresta Copley is ambient music of an exceptional quality.


Distributor City Music Harp
Released January 2020
Running Time 14:33
Artists Kristen Agresta Copley