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Celtic Fairy Dream

An enchantress calling to all who would listen, is the first thought that came to mind when the beautiful sound of Castle of Dromore filled the air with divine vocals, introducing the much-awaited release from 2002, Celtic Fairy Dreams.

Originally Randy and Pamela Copus enchanted their audiences with their enthralling compositions ranging from prog-rock, through to more ambient fields over their past twelve albums. With the addition of their talented daughter Sarah, an accomplished vocalist and musician in her own right, a further ethereal dimension has been  entwined within the captivating melodies and words of the ten tracks which make up Celtic Fairy Dreams.

Is any one track more impressive than another, you may well ask, but no. Each of the pieces are within themselves soothing, calming and unique. The flow of blissful sound segues effortlessly throughout the length of the album, blending into a small moment of time to be enjoyed for exactly what it is, a gloriously timeless musical journey filled with the magic of lullabies, sung or created with harp, flute, guitar and occasionally, a little light piano, which simply enhances the beautiful Irish melodies.

Sung throughout in the Gallic language, other than the opening piece Castle of Dromore, the beguiling Close Your Eyes (Dun do Shuil), is simply perfection. Although this glorious multilayered vocalisation could be considered as somewhat Enya-esque, the voice of Sarah is young, fresh, and very reminiscent of the younger days of Irish singer songwriter Enya in her solo career and Canadian songstress Loreena McKennitt.  While comparisons are not required, nor sought, in this instance the purity of sound is a continuance of a specific genre begun many, many years ago by Clannad and one that is as unique to the musician/musicians, as it is captivating.

Filled with a purity of sound, Celtic fairy Dreams is total enchantment which draws to a close with the delightful, Across The Waves (Trasna na d’Tonnta) a traditional Irish folk song to celebrate the welcome return home of a joyful traveler.

In a time of great uncertainly on a global scale, 2002 could not have selected a more appropriate work to release into a market that is seeking comfort, healing, peace, with a selection of gentle, heartfelt lullabies, to sooth the troubled mind and soul.


Distributor 2002
Released April 2020
Artists 2002