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Clear Light

Switching, or rather returning too to new age electronic ambience, from NuJazz, has seen Stephanie Sante in a contemplative mood, creating a sound palate to inspire, intrigue and evoke the many aspects and moods of the oceans of the world.

Growing up with a love of the beach and ocean and then in later life becoming a member of Greenpeace, supporting their efforts to save the oceans and the mirid of sea life under threat, she is using her music as a metaphor to help draw attention to the ongoing threat to the oceans of the world as well, as the breathtaking beauty to be discovered below the surface.

Anyone who has ever dived deep below the ocean never ever fails to be astounded by the wonder there to be enjoyed, but in more recent times, confronted by the disrespect shown to what is considered as the lifeblood of existence, with the death of coral reefs, pollution, global warming and the use of our precious oceans as the dumping ground of humanity!

Sante commences her work with the theme of the ebb and flow of these massive bodies of water, with the delightful tune Clear Light, also the title of the Album, with a fresh, gentle introduction to the world of underwater mystery to come.

Salacia’s Dream is in homage to Salacia, Roman Goddess and daughter of Neptune, who presided over the ocean in ancient time. I wonder what they would think of the state of their beloved watery world of today!

Jade Resonance is once again drawing attention to the kelp forests, often jade in colour, home to so many of the smaller inhabitants of the deep and vital to the production of oxygen in the water.

Introduced with a soft flow of singular notes, followed by what could almost be considered as a whale’s call, the Colour of Coral moves into a richness which forms the fascination to be found on a healthy coral reef; the colours, majesty and intrigue shown by by all the many aspect of the dwellers of the reefs. This track also draws attention once again to the devastation caused to this important environmental ecosystem, through man-made catastrophes.

Creatures of the deep as are vast and many, with one of the more intrigue species Starfish, with more than 2,000 species, of which little is still understood. This intrigue has been captured in the fantasy piece Moonlit Starfish. Delightful, drifting and most relaxing.

Bringing to a close is the eerie Mariana’s Trench, the deepest point in all the oceans of the world. A trench so big, measured at 6033.5 fathoms deep, and approximately 180 million years old it was discovered in 1875. It still holds far more information than has yet been discovered and even with the modern technology is giving up its secrets slowly.

As a return to new age music, Stephanie Sante has composed a stand out ambient music collection with Clear Light, skilfully capturing the power, beauty and mystery of the oceans of the world.

Distributor CD Baby
Released July 2018
Running Time 56:26
Artists Stephanie Sante