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Geomorphology Bots

It is well worth a visit to Niclas Tamas’s website to experience his exquisite piano music, as well as a journey into the far side of music with his Ambient collection of what he considers as ‘lullabies; the first ambient piece, and second under Ambient, is Geomorphology Bots, a deep, melodious, drifting piece of music.

The first track is Lullabies, a beautiful piano song which then leads into the ambient collection commencing with Geomorphology Bots at 7 minutes 13 seconds long. It is the perfect length for a little quiet meditation in the midst of a busy day, or simply being able to reset the vibration for the day. Best listened to in a relaxing space and simply allowing to music to drift into the desired emotions, it encourages a sense of mediation, or relaxation which brings with it a deep sense of peace.

Released in December as a single, the cover is fascinating, reminding one of the early days of imaginary space people in all their vivid and exotic manifestations.

Having spent many years studying Humanities, before a career in technology and then a major lifestyle change, Tamas has the lived background to create music of the caliber that wakens the sonic levels of the mind and allows the work to bring with it healing and relaxation.

 In spite of the cover and the name, Geomorphology Bots is well worth downloading and adding to your evening series of relaxing and enjoyable melodies.

Distributor Bandcamp/Spotify
Released December 2022
Running Time 7m:13secs
Artists Niclas Tamas