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Healing Music, Vol. 2

Sedona reached out invitingly to Valerie Romanoff some years ago, weaving its potent magic, offering a glimpse of the deep spirituality to be found there and then allowing some of that magic to be woven into music that heals. Romanoff has gone on to honour that perspective in several volumes of healing music of the most intricate kind.

On her latest Healing Music recording the work is intricate, mellow, deeply spiritual and contains, in song after song, the energy and sacred wisdom to be found in the most incredible of places, in this instance Sedona.

The two CD’s that make up Volume 2 offer a world of peace, relaxation and transformation that is subtle, enjoyable and transformational. Such is the capacity of this artist that the music captivates without conscious choice, simply by being there, not demanding to be heard, observed but simply there, offering solace to the subconscious mind, healing and transforming in its intricate simplicity and beauty.

Seventeen tracks plus one bonus have been structured for relaxation and light movement, as in yoga or meditation, with a delicious range of tempos orchestrated to enhance various states of emotion and transformative vibrations.

Known for her ability with the guitar she has incorporated range of instruments such as the sitar, kora and synthesiser, along with piano to create a full spectrum of healing melodies, reminiscent on a number of tracks, of wide-open spaces, deep quite caverns and endless, timeless landscapes which will awaken the inner knowing to be found within everyone.

Disc 1 is composed of original creations with each song presented as a full suite, following the Still, Chill philosophy behind Romanoff’s music. Six tracks take 1 hour 23 seconds to absorb, making this the ideal medium for some serious meditation. Disc 2 is a pared down ‘radio’ edits, making the body of the work a slightly shorter 43:48-minute selection. Concluding a journey of transformation is the bonus track Pink Skies (full suite) of 17:30 minutes duration, which is a stand-alone piece of great beauty.

As to favourite pieces, that will and should be a very personal preference on a collection of this magnitude, as each disc could be considered as one perfect blending of the ‘full spectrum’ encompassing a healing vibration to enrich the body, soul and mind.


Distributor CD Baby
Released August 2018
Running Time 120minutes
Artists Valerie Romaoff