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Kiss The Quiet

Kiss The Quiet is an album that contains some remarkably architectural music pieces which resonate beautifully with the very essence of spirit and soul. Created from the very depth of the composer’s emotions the music is delicate, rich, complex, unique and compelling, as from the first note the soundwaves reach out and envelop the listener in peace and relaxation.

Michael Whalen in noted for his expertise in the world of composition having written for TV, Film, commercials and video games to name just a few of the genres, as well as a prolific recording artist and producer with over thirty sound tracks and recordings to his name, which offers a small insight into the complex and yet deceptively simple melodies that make up this healing and inspirational body of work.

Kiss the Quiet leads off this musical experience drawing you in to the timeless elegance of the music, which continues to intrigue and absorb as the pieces unfold in a gentle, almost romantic manner.

Toward the end of the album there is the very thoughtful piece My Obsequious Tear, an intriguing title to a beautifully delicate song which captures a very different element of an almost hesitant emotion.

Hush The Night is a deeper, far more brooding, intense composition which entrances for the quality of the darkness it describes, thought the careful use of piano and synthesiser, making this an almost a stand-a-lone piece, on an otherwise much lighter soundscape.

Ever Closer Ever Nearer Ever Sooner encapsulates a little of everything gone before in this healing, elegant and beautiful offering from a man who has drawn on his own deep and heartfelt moments in his life, to create something of great beauty from sadness, something that is a component of not just his life, but that of each one of us.

DistributorMicheal Whalen
Running Time51:48secs
ArtistsMichael Whalen