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Shores of Old Pau Chuumzon

As the Shores of Old Pau Chuumzon unfold,
Where pipe organ, cello, bass are weaved in kind,
A symphony of whispers, a story untold,
Deeply atmospheric, to soothe the mind.

Inspired by nature’s splendor, pure and bright,
Where golden sunsets paint the sky with grace,
The rustling leaves, a gentle lullaby’s light,
The melodies of birds in tranquil space.

The pipe organ’s chords, like gentle breeze’s flow,
Cello’s notes resonate with nature’s song,
The double bass harmonics, ethereal and low,
Creating textured strings that drift along.

Oh, Shores of Old Pau Chuumzon, serene and true,
Through music’s embrace, nature’s beauty anew.

Beautiful poetry from Niclas Tamas has been blended with ethereal music to create a magical place that only you can enter; a place filled with mystery and awe, a place redolent of the magic of times long past.

The call of the ethereal beckons: come hither it calls, to a place of relaxation, of peace, of luxurious magnificence to bathe within for a moment in time. Rich and alluring the Maidens on the cover are reminiscent of Medieval times, the powerful pipe-organ assures the serenity found is trusted and true.

Tamas works are short as always, but it his particular song, introduced with tender poetry, could be considered as an Ode to be sung, to which he has added the instruments, blending them with precision to give the delicately carved words a glorious voice.

Distributor Bandcamp
Released 2023
Artists Niclas Tamas