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Website:    http://www.carmenrubino.com 

 Aquarian Dream 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       January 6, 2015


All encompassing, sensual, intriguing and all the many unexpected pleasures of life have been woven into the rich composition titled Aquarian Dreaming, which is so very much more than just a nice piece of music by a talented pianist and composer.

The music touches the soul with the intriguing movements of classical composition taken into the genre of what could be termed musical freefall.

Each track is in itself is a separate journey. As you listen to the overall theme, delicate, dainty segments come forth to entice you into listening a little bit closer.

The tapestry created in this composition offers something to everyone as it moves from mellow and gentle, the delicate sounds of nature being interwoven throughout the piece to a rich full bodied sound changing tempo often, weaving a cloak to surround you which will take you to places in the mind that resonate.

Starting with the sound of the rushing of the sea you know immediately this is one soundscape which is going to offer something very different and special and it does.

As Rubino says, his music is about finding that mystical place within all of us, that special place that place you can call your own and as you listen you find he has achieved his aim, that of transportation to relaxation and tranquillity.

As a debut album, Rubino has delivered a virtuoso performance.