Distributor:        Booktopia/Amazon                 
Release Date:    May 2018  
Running Time:   34:49 secs
Website:    https://heartdancerecords.bandcamp.com 

 Auriga to Orion 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       September 13, 2018


Glorious light, spacey chill-out music has been created in stunning style, in Auriga to Orion, by flautist Sherry Finzer and guitarist and percussionist Cass Anawaty which will delight on first listen and delight even more the more each time it is enjoyed, as with all great music there is always something fresh to be discovered.

Auriga to Orion contains a ranging style of music to formulate this latest album from the talented duo that simply follows on from their previous release In The Midst of Stars, an album which showcased their immense talent to perfection; this album simply underlines the richness of electronic music when combined with traditional instrumentation.

How best to describe this light, drifting, refreshing collection, laced with a more than a touch of vibrancy, is to attempt to describe a trip through space in a vehicle immersed in the light and awesome aspects of space. An openness and exploration of style to explore the boundaries has been enhanced in the manner Finzer and Anawaty have chosen to use their traditional instruments.

A Jingling, jangling guitar harmony introduces Alpha Orionis, with the carefully structured use of guitar to create a feeling of timelessness; an indigenous series of notes introduces the dulcet tones of the flute which mixes effortlessly with the background of synth and guitar.

Auriga to Orion carries the themes of space with a melodious weaving of textures created by the skilful use of synth. Combined with flute a sense of space, of endless time, of forever is created. Jangling bells resonating in an intricate manner, introduces a layer of exotic in Dark Years Away to what turns into a journey through space and culture, with a deep guitar and percussion element lightened by the flute overriding the base melodies. A glorious piece to get the pulse racing and the toe tapping!

A completely different vibe is introduced into the mix in Chasing Leonids which is richer and deeper in tone, but still with a vibrancy that has been present in each of the previous tracks which leads very nicely into Flaming Star, the final piece on this entrancing and enjoyable work.  The subtle, and yet in another context, an almost impatient percussion introduces the piece, which changes with the specific sound of indigenous drumbeats, rising, swooping flute and airy spacy synth to change the pace to a relaxing and enjoyable finale for what is a beautiful creation forming a soundscape which will delight with its sensuous and timeless appeal.

Once again a wonderful, sensuous collection of songs from the immensely talented duo of Sherry Finzer and Cass Anawaty performing as Majestica could very, very easily be an award winner.