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Release Date:    October 2019  
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Website:    http://www.innerselfsustained.com 

 Becoming Light 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       December 2, 2019


From rock star to sound healer seems like a giant leap of faith, but to Ben Carroll it is simply a natural expansion of something he has always done, created music for a variety of reasons with his focus now on using the power of music to heal, to sooth and to allow the body, mind and soul to reprogram and make a fresh connection with the inner self.

Becoming Light takes its inspiration from the transitional process we as humans are currently undergoing, returning to the concept that we are and have always been beings of light. This peaceful, beautiful mediational work has been created with the intent of encouraging people towards this destination, that of raising our vibration and expanding the consciousness.

This is not a new idea but one that has perhaps been sidelined for a number of years, which is once again demanding to be recognised, accepted and practiced for the benefit of mankind.

Each of the melodies on this beautiful, transcendental work have been channelled through a series of Sound Healing Journeys undertaken by Carroll since the release of his last album Multidimensional Voices in 2016. Once again, he is using the power of his voice combined primarily with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls to achieve the correct levels of vibration needed to raise the energy to the required levels for healing and higher dimensions of meditation.

For the purist this work is perfection, for the beginner setting out on a journey of seeking light and healing, a little at a time would be recommended, until the concept of allowing the mind and soul to float free has become the accepted norm.

As with all transitional sonic work, the influence on the psyche is powerful, cleansing, refreshing and when created specifically to raise vibrational levels by removing the dense layers surrounding the body, incredibly liberating, allowing a feeling of rebirth, of lightness, to enter where darkness and heaviness have lived.

Ben Carroll as a master of Sound Healing, has in this slightly more than one hour of sound vibration, opened the door to a simple, easy and healing way to, in his words, “remembering who we truly are.” ………..“We are becoming Light”