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Website:    http://www.markbruland.com 

 BEEing Human 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 26, 2014


In this Brulands’ third album he manages to combine his love of farming with his love of music, creating a totally diverse, interesting, relaxing and light-hearted album filled with pleasure.

Track 1 BEEing Human leads you into the world of people, friends of the family, neighbours, his children and wife with an almost sombre introduction which, wait a while, leads you into an up tempo mood as you would find in a beehive – sombre yet busy – strangely enough the track was inspired by life in a beehive!!!!!!

  Oms Child catches you totally unaware after the almost mellow sounds of Suite Honey BEE with the catchy, foot tapping, hip swinging rhythm of the piece. You find yourself, hours later humming along with the tune, namely because, for some reason, it is stuck in your head, so to speak! It is my personal favourite on the album.

 And so the music goes on from there. Each piece is specific, relaxed, fun, gentle or, as in My Laughing Heart, filled with love, just simply that and no more, reminiscent of the person or place which inspired the music.

Eighteen tracks, each one as specific and delightful as the one before. It is a complete smorgasbord which will appeal to one and all who listen.

In the words of a “Muso” friend of mine who just happened to pass through the office while I was listening to the album and asked –“where’d you get the music – way to go!!!” which is high praise indeed.