Distributor:        Booktopia/Amazon                 
Release Date:    August 2018  
Running Time:   49 min
Website:    http://wwwpetecalandra.com 

 Carpe Noctem 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       October 16, 2018


Carpe Noctem is in a word beautiful. Magical and totally inspirational, this immense work from Peter Calandra is one that is fitting for any spiritual or religious venue, as it has captured the very essence of sacred music; music created to the glory of God, the divine. Simplistic and yet in its minimalistic style, perfection.

Each of the tracks are titled in Latin, with the English translation, which will be useful should you wish to select one track, but as an album the music is such that it should be enjoyed without any desire to see what the various songs are titled.

The flow of sound and vibration is a wonderous offering to calm, heal and cleanse the body, mind and soul, as it is a powerful creation of voice in chant, with the dulcet notes of the piano carefully added, wrapped around in orchestral melody.

Running for 49 minutes the work moves from sublime in Angus Dei (Lamb of God) into an up-tempo, rich orchestral sound on Aurora Scandere (Dawn Rising). Piano softly stroked heralds in the delicate Illuminare (Illumination).

Ethereal orchestral backing, with the singular notes of the piano welcome Luna Benedictus (Moon Prayer) creating a different perspective to the underlying motive of offering blessings for such a wonderous orb that lights the night skies.

Scarum Spera (Sacred Trust) presents a complex chant threaded with the sound of orchestra, giving a rich and detailed element to this traditional form of stylised speech for worship and meditation, refined to an art form by the Gregorian Monks

In the lovely gentle offering Spiritus Mundi (World Spirit) Peter Calandra draws this delightful album to a delicate and peaceful finale, allowing the spirit to return to the world of everyday, refreshed and renewed.

Calandra “composed, orchestrated, sequenced, engineered”, had some mixing and mastering help from Ken Freeman, and then “designed the cover for this wholly-original body of work” which was inspired by his time in college choir, where they sang many of their pieces, composed by the great classical masters, with the text in Latin.

Carpe Noctem is a special collection perfect for meditation, reflection and renewal.