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Green Light

American singer, songwriter and producer, Bobby Susser, well known thoughout the world of popular music over several generations, has turned his formidable skills into creating some better than wonderful music, designed especially for children from the ages of 2 to 8 years. Full of vibrancy and fun the songs have a gentle learning aspect woven throughout the lyrics, which young children everywhere, along with the slightly older version, will relate to very comfortably.

Green Light is a collection of rhythms, beats, actions, reflections, big band and more as in We’re Gonna Laugh All Day which has a rather neat little dance rhythm entwined! But before this captivating piece, there is some real fun beginning with, I Just Love Living In This World which commences with a great, vibrant sound combined with some very clever lyrics, to make a well-rounded introduction to a happy and joyful collection.

A Brand New Day has some lovely, catchy lyrics relating to nature, holidays and fun created around clapping rhythms with the use of guitar and organ and some added percussion to give a depth to the combination.  The much loved and very traditional piece This Old Man, has been given a fresh vibrancy with the use of male and female voices, guitar, organ and drums, which becomes so enticing, singing along is not out of the question at all and a very good way to introduce and teach counting skills. Great fun!

Exercise is such an important component of development that Everybody Exercise is once again a very catchy beat offering another fun way to get little ones to move, enjoy and discover that exercise can be a real fun event, especially as they need to march into outer space, run like they are in a race and so much more.

A very modern beat, big band rich sound introduces Green Light the title song, designed to appeal to the older child as it is a far more sophisticated piece based around exercising without being to ‘young’, designed to appeal to a wider and slightly older age range who are getting far to ‘cool’, with the catchy dance rhythm.

Gentle and relaxing is the restful final song Relax and Let Us Rest A Bit accompanied by female vocal, and the delicate, peaceful sound of the flute creating a short, but a lovely finale to a vibrant and fun filled collection.

Each of the pieces on this album have been trialled in classrooms with huge success and have been created to appeal to the child’s innate sense of rhythm, their love of clapping, movement and desire to learn, even if they are a little too young to really ‘get it’.

Great fun and a lovely, happy collection which will introduce children young and old to the world of many different colours, music styles and subtle learning experiences.

DistributorCD Baby
ReleasedJune 2018
Running Time41:31 secs
ArtistsBobby Susser