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Life Seasons

There are thirteen tracks on this eclectic, up-tempo, almost Broadway style album Life Seasons from renowned pianist Richard Schulman, which brings the wonderful sound of an era where music was enjoyable, catchy, light, entertaining and vibrant back into focus once again.

Scores range from a sweet toned delivery which commences this refreshing collection with the gentle Life Seasons, an enthralling piece that encourages reflection as it softly unfolds young love that eventually leads into a lifetime rich with love and sharing. Cello drifts seamlessly between the piano and vocals to add a sensual depth to the song.

As the work progress the comparison with seasons passing become more apparent as the music offers a smorgasbord of tempos, moods and enjoyment, such as the languid Summer Solstice redolent of lazy summer days, the delicious all-encompassing warmth of the sun which almost abruptly changes to the very upbeat Summer Nights, a piece that could have come straight out of a Audrey Hepburn movie, a captivating hip swinging jazz/samba piece full of fun and pure enjoyment.

A lovely measured piece wafts in with Bohemian Summer which is almost a madrigal with piano accompaniment paying homage to the unconventional days of summer.

Winter Solstice Dream is a mystical, spoken vocal tribute to the pristine shades of winter; the snow, pure, still, a place where the ‘sacred vibe’ is sought. Sacred circles formed in the snow celebrate a turning of the year when winter begins to give way to the fledgling summer to come. Perhaps this is the closest piece on this album that reflects Schulman’s previous works The Twelve Rays and Light Music, both based in deep spirituality and is offered almost as a prayer or benediction; a perfect piece, dreamy and ethereal.

With an irresistible title The Fairy of Mystery Blue does not disappoint dancing off the keyboard, accompanied by some very clever four part harmony, capturing a wide variety of tempting elements fairies are well known to offer, such as spring time love, season renewal and many, many blessings.

Life Seasons is a beguiling snapshot of seasons passing, the beauty and life to be discovered with these changes, coupled with wonderful benedictions to thank Mother Earth for her endless beauty, love and bounty all bending perfectly to create a diverse, immensely enjoyable album.


Distributor RichHeart Music
Released June 2020
Running Time 01:02:53
Artists Richard Schulman