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Release Date:    May 2016  
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Website:    www.whiteswanrecords.com 

 Cosmic Connections Live 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       June 15, 2016


Recorded live from their 2014-2015 tour this elusive, divine collection of chants, mantras and poetry to music will transport you directly into a wonderful, peaceful space; a place where you can simply listen to or join in with the vocal beauty surrounding you, as chant masters Diva Premal and Miten unfold their unique blend of east and west fusion to create transcendental bliss.

Joined on this tour and recording is long-time associate and friend Manose, born in  Boudha, Nepal who adds his incredible talent on the ethereal bansuri flute to give a further dimension to the pure sound created; Manose is also credited with re-popularizing the bansuri flute in his country.

Over the past two decades Deva Premal & Miten have together, created a unique blending of ancient mantras with contemporary influences to re-introduce the majesty of traditional chants such as the opening mantra OM, lovingly referred to as ‘The Cosmic Yes’, a piece which establishes the vibration of the concert from the beginning to the final note of the last mantra OM when thousands of voices blend together in harmony and homage.

Two ballads in ‘white could white swan and native son’, both sung by Miten, accompanied by Manose on bansuri flute and Spencer Cozens on piano, add a complete change of mood, allowing a moment of introspection and reflection as the words, so beautifully and emotionally sung, touch the very essence of your soul. Miten pays tribute to his young son, as well as the mother earth, in the words ‘go lightly on this sacred earth go lightly on your way’, with words we are asked to remember as we travel our selected pathways.

To sum up in as simplistic a form as possible, this is majestic body of work, created to touch the divine in the soul of each and every one and by doing so, in the words of Deva Premal ‘help to create a profound depth of silence and inner peace, transcending all conflict, inner and outer.’