Distributor:        Booktopia/Amazon                 
Release Date:    February 2016  
Running Time:   52.02mins
Website:    www.timothywensel.com 

 Distant Horseman 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       March 30, 2016


Wenzel has created another amazing journey with this latest release. When he openly states the basis behind the compositions is metaphoric and conceptual, as it is with a majority of his pieces, you know you are once again off on a journey that will, can and should, take you anywhere you choose to go.

Hauntingly  beautiful the piano, overlayed with the demanding tones of the violin played by Josie Quick, immediately take you to a place or space where there is a great sense of nothingness, of empty , endless distances, of great, intense immensity; a time for reflection, rebirth, understanding.

Onto this canvas transpose deep space, desert, forgotten times and civilizations; of things yet to be discovered and marvelled upon; add the Horseman, a metaphor for the human, wandering, seeking, listening, absorbing, accepting and discovering much about the universe he lives in, the wonders unfolding, and yet to unfold before his eyes.

Each of the tracks pertains to a particular emotion or emotions, an all too human transposition of sentiment, which makes up the individual and the influences which mould the life of the person as they journey through their own personal time and space.

Note each title of the twelve pieces as they are all specific to a defining moment in any relationship; Turn and Walk Away, Forgiveness, Colours Dancing, a joyous piece, Walk with Me and finally Luminous Wake, Starlit Sea; perhaps a fitting finale, a gentle lullaby as we, at the end of our days, the end of a romance, the change of direction, time to say farewell, time to move on to whatever the universe, in its immensity holds next, learn to accept change.

The melodies intermingled throughout the album will remain with you, returning time and time and again to the mind to refresh and relax. Simply perfect!