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The Young Ones

In this third movie featuring Cliff Richard and the Shadows, we see and hear far more of the vocals and the instrumental talent that took Cliff Richard and the Shadows to the #1 position on the Pop charts time and time again, and is a vastly different movie to his previous two, Serious Charges and Expresso Bongo.

The storyline, as so many were in the 1960’s featuring Pop singers and using the big screen to promote both the singer and the music, is relatively basic focusing on a group of inner London youth, who’s local Youth Club is to be purchased by a land developer.

Robert Morley carries the role of Nicky Black’s (Richard) father Hamilton Black in his usual iconic manner, adding a depth to the story which was needed in order to carry the very raw acting talent of Richard and several of the other cast members.

Nicky’s friends have no idea he is Hamilton Black, the ruthless land developer and tycoon’s son,  and neither does Black know his son is the latest rage on the Pop scene in London. As the plot unfolds the group discover and old theatre they can use to try and raise enough money to attempt to save the Club.

They decide to stage a variety concert, jamming the airwaves with ‘pirated’ transmissions of Nicky singing to advertise the show. His music captures London’s teen scene by storm, and as he is only known as the ‘mystery singer’ people want to know more.

As a vehicle to promote the music, this movie reached #2 at the British Box Office in 1961and many of the various aspects and tracks from the movie have gone on to be showcased in other avenues, such as the much loved ‘The Young Ones’ television series running from 1982-84 developing a cult following and referencing Cliff Richard many times over the years.

In the most recent revamp the movie version has been adopted for stage by John Plews as a musical, which opened at Upstairs in the Gatehouse in December 2007, presenting a revival for the songs so many rocked too during the ‘60’s. Author note: I must add here, we also swooned, if you can use that word these days, over the very handsome Cliff Richard.

Once again a great collector’s piece that is always enjoyable to watch and definitely great for a hot summers day or cold winters night when you simply want to watch a ‘feel good’ movie, with a great beat.


DistributorViaVision Entertainment/Madman
ActorsCliff Richard with the Shadows