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A Day Like Any Other

Excerpt of “The Man in the Window” lyrics by Michael Allison:
“Like the glory of summer
my love will drift on forever
over the rooftops of houses
under the river of silence”

It is indeed somewhat unusual to be reviewing an album posthumously, but sadly with the passing of Michael Allison, otherwise known as Darshan Ambient, the words from the lyrics of The Man in The Window, seem now to be more poignant than when they were first penned, as he is now The Man in the Window of the soul.

A Day Like Any Other is glorious, rich and delicately poised as Allison reflects on life’s journey, crafting with beauty and elegance, his parting gift to his family and the wider musical world. At times deep, introspective, sombre, at other times the songs are full of  joy, life and living; his trademark style evident, as the work is filled with an energy that is unmistakable, upbeat and yet relaxed.

Sitting outside in the sunshine on a lovely autumn day, listening to the album for about the fourth time, his music was like a balm for the soul, as it blended seamlessly into slumberous nature of the day.  As the various titles of the tracks are read, it is easy to follow the course of creativity that has seen this album given birth, despite the nature of Allison’s illness.

It is relatively easy to take each track and write it up as to its music formation. It is less easy to look deep within each of the pieces to discover the very real emotion which guides the music. If we are all honest, Allison has, with just the titles, captured the journey we are all undertaking, perhaps now more than ever before with advent of COVIT-19 and the uncertainly of the times in which we all live.

His music could  almost be considered as a benediction, carrying with it the message of  understanding that each day, while different is and can be A Day Like Any Other, one which should be enjoyed for what it has to offer, a day  to be undertaken with love, kindness and true compassion.

Reflecting on City of the Seven Hymns, a well-chosen piece to introduce his final album, could be considered as a look into the future created with the use of electronic rhythms to form a precise, gentle melody which focuses on the drawing in of the day, the final rays of the light as the day moves into night.

As a final offering The Republic of Dreams, is not at all what could be expected as it is upbeat, catchy and almost extroverted in the use of the synthesiser, creating a sound that encompasses many different styles. The lovely addition of ‘vocals’ gives an almost angelic feeling to the emotion captured within the construction of the work, layering an already comprehensive song with a beautifully rich texture: A fitting finale.

Michael Allison 1958-2020. Vale Michael Allison.

Distributor Spotted Peccary Music
Released January 2020
Artists Darshan Ambient - Michael Allison - 1958-2020.