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A Walk in the Shadow Garden is an evocative collection of songs with captivating titles, designed to entice you into the mysterious world of the garden after dark. A time when the trees, birds, flowers and day creatures are beginning for settle for the night to come, the night creature and flowers still slowly emerging.

But perhaps there is another aspect to this music that is reflective, retrospective and somewhat fascinating. Parallels could be draw with looking at life, looking back and contemplating the life one has lived as one grows older. Walking through the night garden of time, chatting with the gardener as to the whys and wherefores gathered along the many pathways taken. A whimsical thought to tantalise!

Rudy Adrian has in this delicate, and carefully created album, captured the essence of the mystery, the magic and the anticipation of the night garden with a delicate balance of electronic drone, occasionally interspersed with the sound of insects and guitars being lightly strummed in the opening song A Walk in the Shadow Garden.

Dawn Redwood, once a prolific tree but now largely endangered, now found only in China in profusion has been paid tribute to its tenacity, mysterious, majestic elegance in this light, delicate and yet strong composition.

Delicate and dreamy Perchance to Dream enters into the very heart of the garden, the shadows deepening, the desire to wonder, to dream, to create enchantment within the mind is ever present, evoked in part by this soft, subtle song.

As you wander you begin to form questions to ask the gardener, a mysterious, yet ever present spirit within the structure of the garden, which brings this peaceful, relaxing and enchanting album to a close with Conversations With A Gardener: each piece, each song a tree, a plant, a moment in time, there to ponder, to wonder, to enjoy.

Distributor Spotted Peccary Music
Released March 2023
Running Time 1hour 4min
Artists Rudy Adrian