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Butterfly Effect

Prog rock is a fascinating genre as so many vibrant sounds combine together to capture a moment in time, fleeting but there to be processed. Butterfly Effect from Jon Shuemaker along with Patrick Taylor Phillips and Derek Sherinian, is one such work that is captivating. As Shuemaker states ‘he is a human being being human’ which comes through very clearly in this series of compositions.

The ‘Butterfly effect’ is one of sciences many marvels; the movement of a butterfly’s wings is felt on the other side of the world; such also is the power of music. A catchy beat introduces the work Chronology the perfect title to set out a series of events captured in musical form. Spacey and vibrant the piece has some interesting synth work involved.

A slightly weightier sound is introduced on The Bicentennial Equinox, reminiscent of the changes that do occur during an equinox, a time when twice yearly day and night have the same amount of hours.  This event signals change beginning to occur in both hemispheres, which could also be translated to signal change occurring in the world in which we live today.

Time Rewind is another rather intriguing piece as it has a sharper, more pulsating beat before moving into a more definitive sound, full of movement and sound until mellowing out into a slightly dreamier element with some rather classy guitar work underpinned with synth.  A very nice piece indeed.

Making a break in the mood is the rapid A Race against the clock which needs no explanation. A short fusing captures that all too familiar feeling when time simply will not wait. The feeling of frustration is captured well within the electronic field with the pulsating beat before once again mellowing out into a calmness which makes a rather unexpected conclusion to the track.

And then Butterfly Effect is revelled to conclude the work; a piece which is vibrant, containing a little of each of the previous six tracks, coming over in parts as serious hard rock, before once again softening, moving into a flow on effect that, while not slowing down, pushes the imagination to the far regions. Interesting drumming, percussion, with a what sounds like spoons being used, create an intriguing hook to the sound, before once again the guitar is added to override the backbeat, which makes a very intriguing track for a finale.

Butterfly Effect; different, changing, intriguing and one lovers of prog-rock will surely enjoy.

Author Jon Shuemaker with Patrick Taylor Phillips and Derek Sherinian.
Distributor Bandcamp
Released January 2022.