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More than six years ago a concept was formed after the completion and the release of Lights, Shadows. Colours which has resulted in Giuseppe Dio’s latest album Cinematic, a work full of rich, sweeping, larger than conceptual life pieces.

Pulsating drum beats announce the beginning of the work with Darkness begins to fall before a wide sweeping movement begins, which is very reminiscent of the early Western movies where the tribes are gathering, the day is beginning to break, the sun slowly moving over the horizon to bring light and richness to the day.

Soaring vocals bring in The Road to Victory, once again with the pulsating rhythm of the drums and sound of synth winding through the ambience of the piece, a twinkling of sound adding a lightness which is most enjoyable.

 Released as a single, the moody Brothers in the Dark further develops the theme of wide open spaces, a sense of darkness pervading, a time of danger lurking, of mystery and the unknown, once again linked to the previous piece with the sound of soaring female vocals.

Mediterranean ambience is captured with great tenderness in Sicily. The lilting, gentle, guitar work backed with orchestrated synth is a delight to the ear, as it brings with it the unique richness which has been created over many generations of the man, the sea, the mountains that is Sicily; timeless culture begun with the Phoenicians, then the Greeks and since then many more arrivals have added to the charm and uniqueness that is the culture of Sicily.

As the work progress a story is told.  Together Again, once again with vocals interspersed within the richness of the music, leads to the climax of the ‘script’ with Survivors, an electronic compilation that is somewhat different to the rest of the work adding another element to the story.

Survivors contains a freshness, as if the dark days have gone, the new dawn has arrived with a lightness of feeling and sound that has been missing during the unfolding of the previous pieces.

Cinematic is an interesting collection, as each of the pieces is indelibly tied together by a thread of sound, that makes this a work that should be listened to in entirety to fully enjoy the cinematic vision created by the fourteen tracks.

Distributor Apple Music
Released September 2022
Running Time 54:42 secs
Artists Guiseppe Dio