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Dead Air

An inbuilt sense of mystique is the overriding element in all of Marconi Unions works, a mystique which sets their music apart, and one that has seen them rise to the top of the electronic music scene over the past eighteen years.

Dead Air, their latest inspired release, has pushed the boundaries to create a sense of time and space which, although there are five tracks to the work, appears to be seamless, simply melding into each other, constant, perfect and very melodic in the creation.

Although the work commenced with a different sense of direction, it did, as music often does, developed its own space and place, causing Richard Talbot, Jamie Crossley and Duncan Meadows to reassess their destination and go with the flow, literally.

Ethereal, spacey, almost diaphanous, each track drifts slowly across the soundscape seeking a place to remain, if only fleetingly, then upon departure, leaving behind a lovely sense of peace, tranquillity and harmony, such is the power of music.

Smooth electronic melodies with no beat or particular rhythm, have created a vast change of direction from their recent releases Ghost Stations (2016) where a blend of electronica and instrument was used with great effect. Prior to that Weightless (Ambient Transmissions Volume 2) rose to world acclaim in 2014. Weightless is perhaps more in the ambient sector, but both demonstrate the vast capabilities that can be discovered within a vastly disparate music genre.

Dead Air redefines the boundaries in a genre where boundaries are not considered in any aspect of the creation, but in this minimalist form a sensual kind of beauty emerges, a beauty unable to be obtained in any other format.

A perfect album for simply drifting and allowing time to stop for a small moment or two, in world often gone mad!


Distributor Marconi Union
Released November 2019
Running Time 42:27
Artists Marconi Union