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Dreams Beyond Terra

Ambient, Chill, Electronica, call it what you will but Dreams Beyond Terra is music that is pure, complex, introverted and yet extroverted Electronic Dance Music – different, trancelike and totally captivating.

A friend listening to the music described it as ‘music that’s not there, but is everywhere’ which could encapsulate the intent perfectly. But who is Eleon and why is this the first release from this talented musician, in more than forty years of creating and making such incredible music.

Sometimes it simply needs to be the right time, the right place and the right opportunity to capture the mercurial marketplace with a sound that is different, sticks and fits into the ever-changing electronic music marketplace. Dreams Beyond Terra is such a collection!

Eleon aka Michael Rogers grew up with a learning disability which saw him spending much of his time at home, turning to music as a companion that could take him to so very many places. Landing firmly into the electronic revolution of the 1980’s saw him learn to play the electronic keyboard, then move to a synthesiser in the ‘90’s. From there on, along with modern computer technology, he began to produce a sound that was specifically his own. Rogers established his all digital recording studio in 2008.

As to be expected from a musician who has been widely challenged by life and influenced with a wide genre of musical styles his work is vibrant, funky and as would have been stated clearly in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, it has ‘groove’.

Species Communicating and Terra Sanctuary have the additional element of co-creation from the talented David Helpling, a man who can create magic with a simple vocal sound and one who, when he combines his talent with that of Eleon, create a remarkable and intriguing sound.

Each of the songs are distinctly different, full of life and enthusiasm and wrap around a sneaky beat that creates a warm, rich and diversified energy, adding many layers to the carefully crafted pieces.

Otherworldly is one word used to describe this immensely enjoyable album. Lush, optimistic and created because it can be absolute fun, this is one work that will pave the way for more to come from this talented man and his remarkable and comprehensive talent.

DistributorHeart Dance Records
ReleasedOctober 2018