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Flight Lounge

Flight Lounge is Eleon’s latest creation, and one that could, if you are about to do long haul to somewhere exotic, add to your playlist as it is perfect for taking off, settling in and then gently drifting off to another place, time and space.

Eleon’s music has been described as epic chill, but call it what you will it is interesting, slightly mysterious, definitely electronic. Welcome to Flight Lounge ushers you into the almost sacred space of the Flight Lounge, to relax, work, or refresh before a flight.

The first two tracks encompass the busy departure lounge, getting ready to board and then finally taking off, setting out to a new destination. The use of synth throughout is clever, with a lovely addition of the of trumpet in the piece Boarding Lounge.

On Our Way is a spacey, tonal piece, captivating and yet slightly annoying as the first period of time can be once the plane has left the ground. The clicking, snapping, resisting of the passengers and crew as they settle into the rhythm of the coming hours, is all there within the tonality of the electronic musicscape. The call to board is interesting addition along with the discordant sweeping sounds of departure.

Exotic Vacation is up-tempo, far from chill with a catchy beat threaded with an incomplete wordlessness, underpinning the main melody line. This is a very interesting piece as it certainly captures that touristy feel of the casual holiday maker heading for what is considered an exotic location, far from the mundane nature of their everyday lives.

Sweeping in with an almost chilling sound, is Cool Tourist, a phrase which holds as many connotations as does the music. Different, choppy, intriguing before mellowing into a more electronic sound the composition is diverse as is anyone who considers themselves a ‘cool tourist’!

Eventually it is time to return to the everyday world with The Last Flight Home. Slightly more frenetic, perhaps slightly richer in levels of sound, it brings with it the desire to hold on until the last minute before accepting the holiday is over, at least for now. You are no longer the cool tourist just another person rushing to catch that last flight home.

His first recording Dreams Beyond Terra set the standard high for this man of mystery and his synthesiser, Flight Lounge maintains that standard of excellent creativity that is adding yet another dimension to New Age music.

Distributor Heart Dance Records
Released May 2019
Running Time 31:33
Artists Eleon