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How It Happened

Poets tell the stories of their life with words, musicians do it with music, which like poetry reflects the place, the space they are in at the time of composition, of birth, regeneration, outrage, the highs and lows of love or despair.

How It Happened finds Tom Eaton is in a somewhat pensive, reflective mood, taking time to focus introspectively, to get his life back in balance and to let the emotion within transform into a beautiful, floating, ethereal series of pieces that reach out with a gentle, light and emotional touch.

Inspired by time spent on the banks of Contoocook River, the mighty Mississippi River and the beaches of Massachusetts, where the Merrimack River meets the ocean, the work is ambient, inspired and contains the timeless element of the lifegiving waters as they wend their deep, often tumultuous journey to the ocean, following a time worn course from beginning to completion.

Consisting of eight subtle and gentle pieces that segue softly into each other, allow the healing modalities created by the skilful blending of electric harmonies to work their magic, creating the passing of the seasons, the relentless passage of time constantly moving on, joy, sorrow and acceptance all reflected in the rich and beautifully structured pieces.

Well known for his immense skills as an engineer and his pioneering in the work in electronica, Eaton returned to his love of composition and creation releasing three works in 2016, composed by an older, wiser Tom Eaton, a man seeking a pathway to express the changes in his life; How It Happened is his forth release, with the album in totality considered as simply beautiful; perfect for relaxation, deep meditation or simply enjoying.

Eaton considers each of the compositions as a story plucked from special moments in time. This is reflected in the small, but poignant piece of simple, heartfelt poetry on the inside cover which tells so much about the man, his music and a pathway well-travelled.

An absolute gem,

DistributorSpotted Peccary Music
ReleasedApril 2019
Running Time68:66
ArtistsTom Eaton