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Imaginary Flights

Giuseppe Dio has created beautiful album of electronic, relaxation meditation collections with a lovely gentle, almost ethereal touch that is both intriguing and enchanting, showcasing the many facets of diversification created in the world of electronic music.

With this latest album Imaginary Flights, the driving emotion was to create music that allowed the mind to simply float; free to move in whatever direction the sound scape offered and once calmed, to return to the real world refreshed and relaxed.

Under the Stars is a relaxing, tranquil piece to begin a journey of magnitude, traveling far and wide, wherever you will, allowing not just the mind but the emotions to create unique, personal landscapes of free-flowing scope and beauty.

The fifteen tracks that make up the album, while all holding a common thread, relate to and are influence by, something from nature such as in the lovely piece The Woodland, introduced with the sounds of birdlife, recreating that perfect tranquillity to be discovered and enjoyed when walking through majestic trees. Spacey, ethereal and very enjoyable.

New Worlds has an electronic, almost chant like benediction in the construction, followed by the clear notes of electronic keyboard to change the pace to a busier almost frenetic pace, before relaxing into a deeper, more gentle tone. An interesting composition.

Capturing the eerie depths of the deep ocean is Undersea, a mysterious and beautiful piece which perfectly captures that element of the unknown felt and experienced by divers who go down into the darkest regions of the ocean, into caves filled with the unknown, captivatingly peaceful and hypnotic.

Lying on Clouds has a wow factor to it that fascinates with an interesting mix of sounds, teasing the mind as to what is transpiring. The expectation is that this will be a gentle and almost languid piece. In some aspects it is but there is also a thread that is spacey: transitionary with what can be heard, atmospheric voices softly wending through the music.

Wind sounds sweeping through the electronic landscape introduces a rich panoramic sound to conclude what is a most enjoyable journey through time, space and place with Towards The Light, a most pleasurable way to return from a journey of peace, relaxation and meditation.

Not an album to be used at any time, when it is the right time the music will offer what it was created to achieve, healing, peace, relaxation and refreshment of the body, mind and soul.

DistributorCD Baby
Running Time1:15:26secs
ArtistsGiuseppe Dio