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Keith Richie – Ambient Highways

Born of frustration, despair and musical blockage some six years ago, Keith Richie sat at his keyboard, placed his hands on the keys hoping for something wonderful to occur. It did, with the end result his latest release Ambient Highways.

Track after track was born, his wife putting together the artwork on the cover to represent the title track, Ambient Highways in visual form, a glorious piece of work to compliment the music. Listening to this album moving down a long road in remote Australia, the melodies perfectly enhanced the scenery unfolding, that of timelessness, something majestic beyond the control of humanity, of time and place.

As the tracks unfold the element of space, floating, richness and beauty allows the mind to float free, to create the element of dreaming, gently moving through whatever emotions are allowed to surface, to visualise, then let float free into the mystery of space.

V Feeling is something totally specific in the construction, as if the voyager has stepped into another level of consciousness, alone, specific with emotion and quietly, almost delicately resonant whereas Dew From the Morning Star is light, fresh and once again underpinned with an immense feeling of great delicacy.

The final piece Ultima Thule is ethereal, light, there but not there, moving into an element that could be considered as the ultimate place to be, emotionally and mentally at the completion of deep meditation, where the body, mind and soul feels cleansed, relaxed and in harmony with life’s many Ambient Highways.

Distributor Other Worlds Than These Music
Released April 2021
Artists Keith Richie