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Grammy award winner Thomas Peters has moved away from his ‘comfort zone’ with the creation of what could be considered as experimental music with Lamentations; a work he composed during the difficult time of Covid and the wide spread disruption  to life as it once was, to life as it now is and will long remain.

Known widely as a creator of multi-media work, listing amongst artists he has worked with, Nicholas Cage and Wouter Kellerman, this current work has been produced using the latest in electronic technology, a bowed NS Design EU-6 bowed 6-string electric double bass, designed by the legendary Ned Steinberger.

Lamentations in the biblical sense were used to mourn in a public manner the destruction of City of Jerusalem in a stark, almost poetic in style. This sentiment has been captured over the breath of this composition, or canon, a style of music that has been around since the 14th century, then often known as fugue and generally considered as a piece for two or more voices built around a subject.

Transpose voices for electronic harmony, coupled with electronic bass and the deeply resonant structure of the pieces construct Lamentations, to form an intimate ‘song cycle’, reaching out with healing and peace.

Out of the Depths commences the cycle; a short two minute piece created by striking a metal tube to create a rhythmic flow of sound to welcome, to invite, which is followed by the almost angelic Drifiting, the perfect sound sequence to relax, slow and begin the healing journey.

Although there is a melancholic thread binding the pieces together, the work is, in an intriguing manner, healing and comforting. It allows the mind to relax, to let go of the emotions for a period of time and to be Mindful, which when taking the traditional element of this continuous style of music one step further, was the underpinning purpose of Chants beloved of Monks and many other Religions, as they sought a higher meaning, to be at one with the moment in time, to build a sense of peace and hope.

De Profundis once again has captured in the biblical sense, a cry of deep feeling or sorrow, emulated by the striking of a metal tube with underpinning melody to add a gentle mellowness to the music; so in the beginning, so to at the end of an interesting composition in totality that uses the healing ability of music to encourage the brain to relax, to meditate and ultimately to heal.

Distributor Thomas Peters
Released February 2021
Artists Thomas Peters