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Music for Telecommuting, Vol. 1 & 2: Early Morning / Late Morning

Ken Elkinson is a musician with many years of performance and recording experience in his life, having released nine solo albums mainly in the classical, prog-rock and jazz scenes, until recently when he took a step in a very different direction embracing ambient chill electronica aimed directly at the New Age music arena.

That he and his ambient music has been received to acclaim is not a surprise as it is seriously good, subliminal and seamless music with a variety of applications, not just that of commuting.

The four volumes that go to make up Music for Telecommuting were crafted to help regular long distance or short distance commuters relax, refresh and move away from the stress of long journeys in congested traffic, aircraft or public transport.

Broken up into days of the week, both albums begin on Monday and end on Friday offering a logical progression thought out the week, until the final commute on a Friday night when the weekend beckons and true relaxation can begin. The 60 tracks have all been recorded with the use of 8 keyboards and synthesisers, none, as he points out on the inside cover, of which were harmed during recording!

His sense of levity can be found tucked away within the pieces, adding lightness that is sometimes required, but seldom added to this style of music.  In this case one track segues effortlessly into the next offering the illusion of one long, timeless, seamless piece that is gently in the background working its magic.

Volume I & 2 offers music for early morning and late evening while Volume 3 & 4 focuses on early afternoon and late afternoon, which if you are a perfectionist or like serious order to your music relaxation is ideal, but for others the blend is unobtrusive, there in the background to bring solace and peace.

Although the original intent was to sooth the troubled beast at commute, the works have a very broad appeal for yoga, meditation and as background music for a variety of disciplines. Solidly appealing, unobtrusive and relaxing, Ken Elkinson has hit the target area beautifully.

DistributorCD Baby
Released2013 rerelased 2017
ArtistsKEn Elkinson