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Etheric, deep and sublime are only three of many worlds which can be used to describe what is almost indescribable in Woodlands from Rudy Adrian. Electronica at its very best, the elements of pure energy tapped into and used to create this mesmeric soundscape, are those found deep in the darkest of woods, forests and hidden places sought out which are filled with an energy that inspires deep meditation.

Created in voyage format beginning with Postcard from Karnak and ending with Three Views of a Japanese Garden the soundscape drifts effortlessly across the ether taking the traveller in search of peace and tranquillity to a place special to them; a deep, sacred and hidden space that allows pure energy to reach out, engulf and transform. Perhaps this is the place that mystics achieve to reach; a type of nirvana where anything is possible by simply by letting go, opening the mind and allowing the divine Mother Earth to speak and heal.

Having listened to this collection over several weeks of intense change, the healing elements reach out without causing any disturbance, without asking to be addressed, noticed or to be heard, seeking deep to calm and sooth the distress and anxiety. At the final note, the gentle healing has been undertaken, the body relaxed and the mind once again ready to continue, all without conscious effort.

When you are next in a woodland or forest, find a place where you can spend a little time simply absorbing the very atmosphere, the pure enchantment to be found and then look around without moving to see the life, the gift of Mother earth and the healing offered.

Rudy Adrian, through his skills with the synthesiser, with a little help from vocals and a baroque Flute has captured the magic of the forests and woods, transforming it into Woodlands.


Distributor Spotted Peccary Music
Released October 2019
Artists Rudy Adrian