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Release Date:    August 2017  
Running Time:   
Website:    http://www.lisaswerdlowpiano.com 

 Equus Rising 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 20, 2017


In her own words Lisa Swerdlow describes her music and compositions as pieces that ‘help people to find an emotional and perhaps spiritual connection’ and hopes ‘her music can act or help as a vehicle for healing the heart’.

As people in an ever increasingly fast paced world we simply do not have the time to relax, to grieve, to contemplate and allow the body, mind and spirit to heal; to take another deep breath before leaping back into the madness that passes for everyday life.

When a delightfully joyful, up tempo album such as Equus Rising comes along, it does bring a feeling of peace, relaxation and enjoyment along with it. It says take the time to listen, to enjoy, you are allowed.

For an album that appears to have little variation and surprise in the construction of the pieces, which is, in this instance is excellent, as it allows the mind to simply drift, float free, to enjoy  whatever visions desired to be created before moving on.

Her love of horses, the outdoors, the freshness of morning and evenings permeates the music, with each track gently taking a change of direction, both expected and unexpected, which considering this is purely a piano album, is intriguing and well considered.

Swerdlow has found inspiration from many artists on the Windham Hill label, their gentle and slightly mellow styles being woven into the fabric of this album. Her own musical background, which spans both the classical and jazz genres, has eventually seen her move towards the New Age genre. As this style of music constantly appears to shift and change, it offers inspiration to incorporate a wide and influential range of styles, allowing the composer and musician free range, which Swerdlow has used to good effect.

As a collection of pieces to sooth the soul and heal the heart, Equus Rising does all of that in a simple, generous and heart felt manner.